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Top 10 Reasons why small business chose QuickBook’s PayCycle new Payroll

  1. QuickBooks PayCycle costs up to 50% less than other National Companies
  2. We offer direct deposit and the ability to self-print checks, No waiting on the mail
  3. You can submit payroll from anywhere 24/7 a day
  4. We electronically deposit your payroll taxes – on time and accurately.
  5. We file annual and quarterly federal tax electronically..
  6. We file all state and local tax electronically.
  7. We offer free online payroll access for employees. Employer’s and their accountants.
  8. Our service offers an easy 3-step process. Enter, Calculate and Pay.
  9. You can submit payroll from anywhere
  10. We offer additional small business services including Bookkeeping, Income tax.

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Payroll2U is offering a new Online Payroll Solution for your business.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then take a look at our Payroll2U Solution.

Are you looking for a flexible payroll solution?

  • Our system can be modified to suit your needs. We can let you do some of the payroll processing, and we can monitor your work to make sure everything’s been entered correctly and properly paid.
  • If you want all the responsibility of running your own payroll, we can offer a competitively priced payroll solution.
  • Our payroll solution is accessible 24×7 on the Internet, ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.
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What does our Payroll Solution offer?

  • Automates payroll processing so completely that you simply enter payroll data over a secure Internet connection. Payroll Relief AC does all the rest.
  • Our payroll solution lets us customize your payroll service to meet the diverse needs of your business, no matter how big or small.
  • Our payroll solution offers highly efficient methods of data entry, including a simple Excel worksheet that lets you imports data right into the payroll application.
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Here are some key features of our payroll solution…

Thank you for your interest in our payroll solution! 

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*Remember: our Payroll Solution has the freedom and flexibility you need; plus it’s accessible 24×7 anytime, anywhere.

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